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Academic Career Workshop for Women in Mechanical Engineering

The Rising Stars in Mechanical Engineering workshop supports individuals who identify as women, who are graduate students and postdocs who are considering careers in academia. The purpose of the workshop is to gain career skills, connect with a cohort of peers, and engage with mentors. This year’s workshop will be October 6-7, 2022. This will be our second time hosting this workshop at Stanford University. This is an annual workshop that rotates between Stanford, MIT and UC Berkeley.

How to be nominated:

Participants must be graduate students within 1 to 3 years of graduating with a Ph.D. at the time of the workshop, or they must have obtained a Ph.D. no earlier than 2019 and not currently hold a faculty position. Applicants must be nominated by a faculty member in her current department. Approximately 30 candidates will be selected for inclusion in the program.

The faculty nominator should email the following materials to

1) In the text of the email, please list:

  • Nominee Name (Lastname, Firstname)
  • Email address of nominee
  • Institution/place of employment of nominee
  • Current status of nominee (e.g. 3rd yr grad student, Postdoc)
  • Expected or actual conferral date of nominee's Ph.D. (e.g. May 2023)
  • Nominator name
  • Nominator email address
  • Academic institution of Nominator
  • Title of Nominator (e.g. Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering)

​2) Attach the applicant's personal statement describing her professional goals and motivation for pursuing them (maximum 1 page, pdf, called "LastnameFirstnamePS.pdf"; for all pdf files, "Last name First name" is the name of the nominee)

3) Attach the applicant's CV (no page limit, pdf, called "LastnameFirstnameCV.pdf")

4) Attach a nomination letter from the faculty nominator (no more than 1 page, pdf, called "LastnameFirstnameNL.pdf")

All materials should be included in a single email sent from the nominator's university email address.

Accommodations and Travel:

Stanford Mechanical Engineering will cover meals and shared accommodations for up to two nights, and reimburse reasonable travel expenses (coach airfare) up to $800.

Nomination Deadline: July 31, 2022 (11:59pm Pacific Time)

Questions? Email

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Rising Stars in ME 2019 Pictures


Workshop Chairs 





Wendy Gu 

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University





Allison Okamura

Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University


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